Countercurrent type cooling towers

Ain Features:

Low noise is. The main parts of all metal factory adopts steel manufacturing, thickened by international standards, hot-dip zinc crossing antirust processing, also can provide stainless steel fittings, Tower: all for acid shell of erosion alkali resistance, high glass fiber reinforced materials all pipes and spray equipment adopts advanced plastic, don't add oil, ensure durability.

The new characteristics of

Install high speed of obvious
In HQ in your installation tower type upstream speed will feel its installation by more than other brand really easy to install, the most common metal components of the assembly is faster than other towers, the result is to save more time.

More effectively solve the air circuit backflow
In the design of the cooling tower type HQ countercurrent more reasonable, make full use of the trend of high-quality fan, reasonable design, the hair of the design of all these improved cooling tower. HQ

The adaptability of different needs
In HQ in cooling tower series according to the customer demand for various types of combination to achieve the best economic benefit, which will bring you the desired results.

Accord with environmental protection requirement
In HQ in various products of cooling tower and prevent noise more scientific water "means" drift, various measures to shock towers operation more halcyon, more suitable for demanding.

Air parameters and their relationship

 1) air temperature
Glass rod with standard mercury thermometer measurement and air temperature, called dry ball temperature.

The air is measured by ShiQiuWenDu challenge. With two identical thermometer, including a thermometer with two layers bottom gauze wrapped tightly, placed with distilled water (lest use common water bottles of gauze). No gauze that measured temperature, dry ball for ShiQiuWenDu for gauze. This ShiQiuWenDu, measured by the sun or other radiation effects.

 3) absolute humidity
One cubic meters of wet air contains water vapor quality called the absolute humidity, namely the density of water. Wet air reaches saturation, the absolute humidity.

 4) relative humidity
One cubic meters of water vapor wet air contains the quality, with the largest amount of water vapor temperature, relative humidity of the air is called.

 5) moisture content
1 kilogram of water vapor content of dry air, known as the moisture content of the air.

 6) dew point temperature
Under certain pressure, but rejects cold wet air to start when the temperature is called dew point temperature. In the clean air, water vapor condenses core, formed to condensation. When the supersaturated reaches a certain limits, air water vapor will condense. When the air contains can form the core of solid particles condensation, vapor in temperature condensed into dew point start.

 7) wet air density
In January, the dry air in the wet cubic meters of the density of air and water vapor, namely the density of the density of air for wet.

 8) wet air enthalpy
In the process of operation, wet air contained within the quality of air is dry, but the content of water vapor. Used in cooling tower, the concept of enthalpy is put 1 kilogram dry air and water, from the X kilograms Celsius degrees Celsius zero into theta needed to heat.

 9) wet air heat
1 kilogram dry air and moisture content, temperature vapor kilograms X 1 ?? need calories, called the wet air heat. 

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