Environmental air conditioning

"Wind" energy-saving air-conditioner willinsult the standard of outdoor installations

Energy-saving air-conditioner, shall be installed in outdoor, with fresh air, avoid installation indoors, not run by return! If the conditions permit should as far as possible in ventilated good place, conveying the central position in building the best possible, shorten installation pipeline.
To have unobstructed installation environment. The fresh air supply, don't let air conditioning in the enclosed area, if not enough air open the door or window, then install exhaust fan, it is recommended to 80% of environmental air conditioner.
Energy-saving air-conditioner j stent application is welded steel structure, and to ensure that the structure can support the weight of the body, and maintenance personnel.
When installation should pay attention to, between indoor and outdoor pipeline sealing waterproofing, avoid water leakage.
Power supply should be equipped with air j, power supply to the outdoor host directly.
. Please refer to the installation method of installation of detailed data, we provide professional installation or opinion.

Main application:

The products are widely applied in * intensive use time or personnel and needs rapid cooling in brief. Such as: hall, room, churches, schools, dining room, gymnasium. Galleries, shoe factory, toy factory, markets, etc
* have potent smelling areas, dust places such as larger, Such as: hospital waiting room, kitchen, hall and chemical characteristic, electronic, plastic factory, enterprise, spraying, printing factory, rubber factory, textiles, textile, good, etc
High fever * equipment or heat production sites. Such as: mechanical processing, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, home electrical appliances production workshop,
The open doors * need stores, supermarkets, playground, casinos, the waiting room and so on, ..
* suitable cultivation of agricultural scientific research center or base, greenhouse, etc
Low noise design provides * is applicable to cool fresh air and villa etc. The office,

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